Beauty for Bunnies

For decades beauty products and bunnies have gone hand in paw for all the wrong reasons because of animal testing...


Animal testing is NOT a "thing of the past"

Many people believe that animal testing no longer happens but with the East opening its doors to more and more Western products, many skincare companies have decided to, quietly, let go of their anti-animal testing policies in pursuit of profits over principles in China where animal testing is required by law.

(We feel it appropriate to stress here that we have never and shall never harm our furry bunny friends or any animal, by testing our products or ingredients on them)


Simply Skincare stands firm

Because of the depth of love and respect we have for our furry friends and because we recognise that animal testing (past or present) is just wrong, we have decided to stand out from the crowd and have created an unique initiative called "Beauty for Bunnies" which is only available to our Simply Skincare customers.

If you also recognise that animal testing is inhumane and wrong, if you want to pay respect to the innocent animals who so needlessly gave (and continue to give) their lives for our vanity, then support our initiative by purchasing your skincare from Simply Skincare and, together, we shall make a difference.

It's simple to support our initiative... all you have to do is lie back, relax and pamper yourself with luxurious Simply Skincare products.

We'll do the hard part and arrange the donation on your behalf.


Simply Skincare already makes a difference

But our contributions towards the care of abandoned bunnies goes beyond the financial support we give to our local bunny shelter. We have also put our money where our mouth is and have adopted two bunnies of our own, Forrest and Bobo, who live a life overflowing with happiness, cuddles and much love.

You can read their story here >


"Beauty for Bunnies"

At Simply Skincare we have introduced an unique initiative called "Beauty for Bunnies" which pampers our beloved bunnies while you pamper yourself.

For every product you buy (excluding lip products) we shall currently donate €1 to our chosen bunny charity, Dierenvangnet (literally: "Animal Rescue")

The money you help raise will go direct to feeding and caring for rescued and abandoned bunnies. ____________________________


The Simply Skincare dream

As Simply Skincare grows as a company so shall our ability to support these adorable, loving bunnies.

And, indeed, our ultimate dream is to have our very own bunny rescue and adoption shelter. Will you join us in achieving our dream by lending your support to our "Beauty for Bunnies" initiative?

Spread the word, spread the bunny love ____________________________