Product & Ingredients FAQs

Are Simply Skin products truly handmade?

All of our products are lovingly hand-crafted on the Simply Skin premises, making each and every product unique, in the same way that each and every one of our customers are unique.

Are Simply Skin products 100% natural?

Our primary focus is safety. Products which are 100% natural are not necessarily 100% safe.

When aqua (water) is used in a product, you simply need to use a preservative unless you wish to store your product in a fridge and use within a couple of weeks (post production). There are a growing number of companies who use citrus essential oils as their preservative. Whilst such essential oils will fight against a number of bacteria in water, they will not fight against all bacteria. So it is paramount to incorporate a preservative where water is present in a product. We have, however, chosen not to use Parabens as our preservative as it remains quite a controversial preservative which many of our customers wish to avoid.

All our skincare products are safe and gentle on your skin, incorporating natural, organic and C02 extracted ingredients.

Are Simply Skin products tested on animals?

We do not support animal testing for beauty and skincare products or ingredients.

We purchase our ingredients from suppliers who have a high level of integrity and who are covered by EU trading regulations. Our suppliers have confirmed to us that they also do not support animal and do not buy ingredients which have been tested on animals. This confirmation was required so we could be certified as a Cruelty-free brand.

We also do not export our products to countries, such as China, which stipulate that imported beauty and skincare products are tested on animals prior to being sold to customers.

Additionally we have developed an unique initiative which we have named "Beauty for Bunnies". We are passionate about bunnies and through our initiative financially support a Animal Sanctuary which is run by volunteers who feed, care for, and give love and cuddles to abandoned and rescued bunnies.

Are Simply Skin products allergen-free?

The adoption of the 7th amendment of the European Cosmetic Directive 76/768/EEC requires any cosmetic product containing any of 26 raw materials identified by the Scientific Committee on Cosmetic Products and Non-Food Products intended for Consumers as likely to cause a contact allergy when present above certain trigger levels to be declared on the package label. The trigger levels for products that are wash-off (eg shower products) and shower that are leave-on (eg body butters) are different, with the leave-on products attracting a much lower trigger level.

There is a misconception that products which incorporate essential oils are allergen-free. This is not true. Most essential oils naturally contain a number of the allergens that need to be legally declared on a beauty product's ingredients label. If you have a known allergy, please always remember to read the ingredients label.

As a result of customer demand, the Simply Skin range include a Pure & Sensitive collection which is designed especially for customers who are perfume-sensitive and a Guilty Pleasures collection which is designed for customers who can use perfumed products but who have allergen sensitivities connected to perfumes and scents.

Are Simply Skin products vegetarian friendly?

Yes. We do not use any ingredients that have been derived from animals.

Delivery FAQs

How will I know when my order has been despatched?

As soon as we have despatched your order you shall receive an email from us confirming your order details and delivery address, and providing details for you to track your order.

Can I track my order?

In the despatch email we send you, we shall supply you with your unique tracking code which can be used, along with your postcode, to track your parcel.

What happens if my order arrives, damaged?

Don’t worry. Simply send an email to info@simplyskin.eu letting us know which products have arrived damage, along with photographs, and we shall happily send you replacements.

Can you ship products internationally?

We ship interntional orders via our sister company, Simply Skin, which is based on mainland Europe.

Should you wish to make an international order, please do so via the Simply Skin site: www.simplyskin.eu. On our International Shipping page at Simply Skin, you shall find postage prices and free delivery limits.