Simply Skincare Beliefs

We believe... in placing principles before profits


We believe... in putting our money with our mouth is.

We stand firm, with pride, behind our company principles and beliefs.


We believe... that the scent you wear should compliment the person you are.

We have, therefore, designed Scent Personalities which flatter and celebrate your beautiful feminine qualities.

We believe... that skincare is much more than a daily ritual, it's an occasion for you to spend time on your own and rejoice in the wonderful and amazing woman that you are.


We believe... in using only the finest ingredients from around the world so you get to enjoy the finest skincare products.

We believe... in hand-making all our products in small batches so they are as fresh as possible when you buy them.


We believe... in the importance of using organic ingredients and organic C02 extracts wherever possible because we want to create the finest skincare products which are naturally free from nasty pesticides.

We believe... in supporting farmers who have chosen to follow the more difficult and costly, yet ethical and environmentally-friendly route; farmers who have chosen to grow their crops organically.


We believe... in the growing importance of standing up against animal-testing in a time when many large companies have given up their cruelty-free stance in pursuit of profits.

We believe... that it is necessary to prove our cruelty-free stance through certification and are proud to be listed by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) as a Cruelty-free brand.

We believe... in actively supporting the animals that have been and continue to be so cruelly mis-treated in the name of vanity and have set up our own unique "Beauty for Bunnies" initiative to help feed and care for rescued and abandoned bunnies.


We believe... in keeping our products as natural (and organic) as possible and stand firm against the use of plastic microbeads in scrubs. We only use fruit seeds and salt as our exfoliants and have been recognised by the Beat The Microbead campaign as an ethical company.

We believe... in creating products that are free from parabens, free from sulfates, and free from SLS, free from petrochemicals, and free from plastic.


We believe... in creating products that are 100% safe for your skin.

We believe... in making every attempt to use only natural, preferably organic, ingredients but we also recognise that some natural and naturally-derived ingredients (such as parabens) may be harmful and, in these few cases, we choose to use a safe alternative.